Fox Reportedly Wants Someone New in O’Reilly’s Spot by Monday


Reports are surfacing that say Fox News is not only canning Bill O’Reilly, but wants his Factor spot filled in five days.

While O’Reilly is on a vacation, the Murdochs have reportedly decided that all the allegations of sexual harassment are too much and the two-decade Fox News vet has got to go. Who will replace him? That’s unknown (though we are running a poll about it) But it’s pretty clear that someone will.

From New York Magazine‘s Fox News Whisperer Gabriel Sherman and Politico‘s Hadas Gold, we get this:

A few names are floating around, including Dana Perino‘s. The New York Times‘s Michael Grynbaum even says The Five could move into the 8:00 slot.

We will update as more information becomes available.

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