comScore Not Too Thrilled About Its Exclusion From Facebook’s ‘Most Shared Articles’ List | Mediaite Not Too Thrilled About Its Exclusion From Facebook’s ‘Most Shared Articles’ List

Yesterday, a post on asked whether Facebook is “acting unsocially” by not including major news outlets (like Fox News, as well as MSNBC) in its list of “The Most Shared Articles of 2011.”

The article shares examples of stories that, it says, “should have made the list,” but did not, including one on how to deal with a potential zombie apocalypse. A Facebook spokesperson explained a bit of the “secret formula” used to compile the list:

“We looked for articles with the most likes, shares and referral traffic,” Facebook spokeswoman Malorie Lucich told

But the list isn’t based on those numbers.

Instead, Lucich explained, it uses a mystery metric — a recipe that combines all of them, divides by a cupful of clicked links, and adds a dash of secret sauce — and ultimately ignores stories that readers would assume they could find on the list, no matter how you measure it.

A quick look through the list shows a whole lot of CNN, quite a bit of Yahoo (but, curiously, no Aol), a sprinkling of Huffington Post links, a hearty helping of The New York Times, three Washington Post articles, one story from The Wall Street Journal and… that’s it. Six sources for 40 stories.

Is right to be (it seems) a little miffed at being excluded? AND, HI, WHERE IS MEDIAITE ON THE LIST? Just kidding. (Not kidding.) ((Kidding.))

In my experience, most friends who still use Facebook for things other than posting tacky engagement shoots (Love ya!) link primarily (even overwhelmingly) to NYT articles and YouTube videos. How ’bout yours?

h/t via Poynter

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