Fox’s Bret Baier Tells Seth Meyers It’s a ‘Challenge’ When Trump Takes the Media ‘On a Ride’


Bret Baier of Fox News appeared on Seth Meyers‘ late night program last night and the two had a far-reaching, interesting interview during their sit-down.

First, Baier joked about his summer interview with the Dalai Lama and how he internally debated whether he would go through with asking his now-infamous question: “Have you ever seen the movie Caddy Shack?”

He and Meyers moved on to talking about President-elect Donald Trump in short order and Baier revealed that the moment he knew this campaign season would be unlike any other was when Trump stood on a debate stage and made a crack about the way the size of his hands correlates — or doesn’t correlate — to other (ahem) parts of his body.

Baier did a pretty good Trump impersonation when describing the times the then-candidate would confront him about the content of his show.

Meyers asked then if Trump’s tweets — which are often criticisms of cable news segments — are a distraction from his policies.

“First of all, it’s a challenge. Everything that he says now is news because he is now the President-elect. He’ll be President January 20. I think he does effectively take the media on a ride sometimes to say, ‘Look at the shiny thing over here,’ in 140 characters or less.”

He pointed out that he and the rest of the media need to “balance” and focus on policy just as much as the tweets.

Watch the portion of the Late Night segment featuring his thoughts on the media’s role in covering Trump above.

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