Fox’s Bret Baier Is Ready to Throw Down with NBC’s Brian Williams in a Rap-Off

Last week Jimmy Fallon debuted the latest, greatest edition of rapping Brian Williams, performing the classic song “Rapper’s Delight.” Well, Williams may want to brush up and get ready to do it for real, because Fox News’ Bret Baier threw down the gauntlet last Friday and said he would gladly take on Williams in a rap-off.

Why? Because Baier doesn’t need Jimmy Fallon’s help to rap the Sugarhill Gang hit. He gave an impressive performance of “Rappers Delight” three years ago in Palm Springs and earned him the nickname the “Dapper Rapper.”

So during a recent radio appearance on WMAL, Baier was asked for his take on Williams’ edited rapping skills. His response? “I’m ready for a rap-off anytime.”

Williams has been coached in the art of droppin’ rhymes by Fallon on many an occasion, so if this ever really does happen (and, come on, it should), Baier’s gonna need a rap coach of his own. Might I suggest MC Rove?

Listen to the audio below, via WMAL:

And if you’d like to compare the two performances, here’s Baier’s rendition of “Rappers Delight,” followed by Williams’.

[photo via screengrab]

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