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Fox’s Greta Van Susteren on White Men: ‘Give Them a Break’

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren sees an injustice going on this campaign season ahead of the November midterm elections. White men, as a whole, aren’t getting a fair shake.

On her Gretawire blog Friday, Van Susteren shared a “tip to many, especially Democrats.”

“As election day approaches, many (not all are doing this) Democrats (and others) might want to stop denigrating ALL white males as though they are the reason for any and all woes of the nation,” she wrote. Van Susteren said any group of people has “a few bad apples.”

Van Susteren didn’t give any examples of Democrats attacking white men but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did host a panel this week to discuss the fairness of the number of white men holding elected office.

More from Van Susteren’s post:

It seems to me that white men – as a group – are getting slapped around unfairly. Many accuse white men — as a group — of having some sort of sinister motive against others. I think it has gotten to the point where some white men feel like that have to tip toe around some topics and issues in fear of being accused of being something awful.

White men are not the enemy – to women or anyone else. Some may want to step back and ‘give them a break.’

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