Fox’s Greta Van Susteren Thinks Governor Scott Walker ‘Took The Bait’

Greta Van Susteren wrote on her blog that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican lawmakers made a crucial mistake in their attempt to enforce their controversial collective bargaining bill. A Wisconsin County judge granted a temporary restraining order to opponents of the bill. Instead of responding in court with an appeal, like Walker chose to do, Greta suggests Walker and the Republicans should have just re-passed the bill.

Although Greta thinks if she was in Walkers’ shoes, she would have employed an even better strategy:

“What I would have done if I were Governor of Wisconsin, in addition to re-passing the law, I would have put monitors up in the State Capitol when all the protests were going on and looped the movie ‘Waiting for Superman.’ The movie is very, very harsh on teachers’ unions.”

Given the last confrontation between Greta and Walker resulted in some tough questioning, Walker is likely not thrilled that Greta is questioning his tactics.

Check out Greta’s full advice to Walker at her blog.

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