Fox’s Kilmeade: Pope Francis in the ‘Wrong Country,’ Should ‘Stay Home’

kilmeadeFox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade spoke out against Pope Francis‘ visit to the United States during his Fox News Radio show, Kilmeade & Friends.

The admitted Catholic told Fox News colleague Chris Wallace that “some of [the Pope’s] comments just have no place” in America, and that “he’s in the wrong country” to try and deliver any political messages. Wallace was understandably taken aback by Kilmeade’s comments, so the radio host explained himself further.

“He doesn’t like capitalism,” said Kilmeade. “He blames us and money for what’s going on in the Middle East.”

In addition, the Fox & Friends co-host also ridiculed the Pope’s comments on climate change, noting that the U.S. was “doing more than anybody else” and that Francis should “get on China” instead.

Wallace joked that Kilmeade’s comments would make headlines, and that anyone with a complaint should contact the radio host directly to hash things out. Even Pope Francis himself.

Kilmeade readily agreed, saying: “Exactly. Bring it on.”

However, if Kilmeade wouldn’t take the pontiff, Wallace said that he would be more than happy to have Pope Francis as a guest on Fox News Sunday.

Check out the audio clip below:

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