Fox’s Kurtz: ‘Pathetic’ for News Organizations to ‘Slime’ Trump Supporters

kurtzFox’s Howard Kurtz is truly astonished at “the level of vitriol” Donald Trump has received from the media, regardless of what the GOP candidate himself has said.

Kurtz spoke with TheWrap and said he’s astonished at “the intensity in which commentators on the right, as well as the left, have gone after Trump along with the mockery and dismissiveness in parts of the mainstream media.”

Some publications have taken things one step further in deriding Trump and his supporters. Kurtz isn’t fond of that:

I think it’s pathetic for news organizations that don’t like a particular candidate to slime the candidate’s supporters. It gives fuel to those who think we are a bunch of arrogant elitist. The Huffington Post looked ridiculous by covering Trump in the entertainment section for all those months. The Daily News stopped being a serious newspaper when it tuned its front page over to extreme attacks on Trump that shattered any pretense of its objectivity.

Kurtz has not exactly been a sympathetic voice for Trump, but has consistently called out the people who have gone––as he believes––over-the-top in their Trump outrage.

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