Fox’s Kurtz: Saying Trump Shouldn’t Be ‘Normalized’ Echoes Attempts to Delegitimize Obama

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz is bothered by demands on the left that the media not “normalize” Donald Trump and thinks it has echoes of the ways people on the right tried to discredit and delegitimize President Obama at the outset in 2008.

In the less than two weeks since Trump’s election victory, there’s already been a bunch of talk about how the media is normalizing Trump and why news outlets shouldn’t be doing that.

Kurtz made this comparison:

“There was a similar effort by some on the right after Barack Obama was elected when part of the country did not like that. And we heard this in, you know, Obama’s secretly a Muslim, Obama wasn’t born in this country, he’s unfit, he doesn’t have the experience, he’s not really a Christian––all of that.”

He said it has echoes of the right’s “take our country back” cries and said the left is telling everyone else they do not accept Trump as legitimate and the people who voted for him just don’t know better.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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