Fox’s Neil Cavuto Worries That Trump Will Ruin SOTU With a ‘Nasty’ Tweet


On Fox News Tuesday, host Neil Cavuto spoke with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the looming State of the Union address, and worried that anything the President says may be rendered moot when he gets hold of his Twitter app.

The two first discussed the selection of special guests of the President, working off the story of the bullied 11-year-old with the President’s last name who will be in attendance during the speech.

Spicer suggested to Cavuto that it’s not just who the President chooses to be his guest, but his way of relating to them.

“But it’s not just the individuals that are there, Neil, it’s how the president talks about them and integrates them into the speech,” said Spicer. “If you look back on the last two joint addresses, one a joint address and one the State of the Union the president has given, he’s used some extremely effective. And he’s humanized an issue and brought to life either a problem that he is seeking to solve, or something that his administration has done that is truly, positively impacted the lives of Americans.”

Cavuto said he agreed, and that he thinks Trump is “very, very good at it,” but then expressed reservation.

“I think he ruins it the next day by tweeting something nasty, do you know what I’m saying? And I just wonder how that goes because he does a very good job at these events and venues,” said Cavuto to a stone-faced Spicer. “I’m just wondering, is there a temptation, you think? The people on the staff tell him, don’t say anything bad about Nancy Pelosi, don’t… You’re on a roll here.”

Spicer then chuckled and said that “accolades were pouring in from the left and the right about what a great job the president did” after his first State of the Union.

“He understands the stage that he’s on tonight,” said Spicer. “Not just the domestic but the international audience–”

“Yeah but then he was saying stuff about Barack Obama,” said Cavuto, “and it just, it took the aura away, right?”

Spicer responded that Trump has “grown” in office and will give “another great speech” tonight.

You can see for yourself here at Mediaite when we carry the full State of the Union address livestream.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.
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