Free Beacon Brazenly Links Deadly Concert Shooting to Bernie Sanders

A deadly shooting at a hip hop concert in Manhattan left one person dead and three injured. But if you’re the Washington Free Beacon, you don’t want to bury the lede and leave out the fact that Bernie Sanders was connected to the violence… somehow.

The show was being headlined by the rapper T.I. — who, after all, voiced his support for Sanders back in March. So, naturally, the conservative Beacon ran with the headline Gun Violence at Bernie Sanders Supporter’s Concert.

Brent Scher‘s article began: “A New York City concert by Bernie Sanders supporter T.I. turned violent before the rapper even got on stage as gunshots killed one and injured three, according to reports.”Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.12.57 PM

It’s unclear what “reports” other than Scher’s sought to link the violence to Sanders.

The concert was not a Sanders rally or a pro-Sanders event. Sanders was not present. His campaign was not on site, hawking pins and t-shirts and touting voter registration forms.

In fact, no news outlet other than the Beacon apparently even thought to connect Sanders to the story at all.

The violence was apparently unconnected to T.I. and reportedly sprang from a rivalry between two other musicians present. And not, you know, from Bernie Sanders.

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