Frontwoman of Everyone’s Favorite Nu-Metal Band Evanescence to Release Kids’ Album

Do you remember what you were doing in 2003? Were you a brooding teen? Did you have adolescent angst? Were you maybe in college but still sort of going through something? If you answered yes to those questions, Evanescence’s Fallen was undoubtedly the soundtrack to your every waking moment. With a few songs about what it feels like to die, some unexpectedly successful and long-lasting singles, and cover art that unnerved every suburban helicopter parent in the country, the album was perfect for every kid who got a portable CD player for Christmas and sneaked some black hair dye into Mom’s shopping bag at the local drug store.

If you aren’t feeling wildly nostalgic right now, guess you had to be there.

A whole new generation of kids is about to grow up with the music of frontwoman Amy Lee, however, and these aren’t your standard fishnet-wearing middle schoolers. Nah. She’s over goth rock for the time being. Amy Lee is releasing a kids’ album. Listen!

Lee has a two-year-old son who inspired her to release Dream No More, an album for kids that heavily features other members of her family. According to Entertainment Weekly, her sisters sing backup and her dad and uncle play on the tracks, too.

When you hear Lee’s distinct vocals, it actually doesn’t seem like that far of a cry from this:

No one can say that this woman isn’t versatile.

[image via screengrab]

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