Fun With Weather Graphics: This Storm System Looks Like…

The people of Concho Valley, Texas have a doozy of a thunderstorm heading their way. It may not be the most severe thunderstorm in their history– the local KLST weatherman doesn’t elaborate too much on that– but it is, with almost complete certainty, their most phallic. This one needs its own exhibit in the Needlessly Suggestive Weather Graphics Hall of Fame.

There’s not much to explain here, other than that northwest Texas and parts of Oklahoma will be hit (were probably already hit) by extremely phallic afternoon thunderstorms. The “core rain,” the weatherman explains without cracking a smile, will not arrive until the weekend, as the steam air really needs to work its way around the storm to make it reach its peak intensity over the Concho Valley area.

The amount of discipline required here for neither the weatherman nor anyone in the studio to burst out laughing in response to this neat little meteorological joke is commendable. Whenever anyone disparages local news figures as being sometimes less professional than their cable news counterparts, just imagine your favorite cable news personality being assigned the herculean task at not laughing at this meteorological penis large enough to penetrate Mexico.

[h/t Gawker, the #1 source for important news out of Concho Valley, Texas]

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