Funny Or Die: Katie Couric Investigates Whether You Can ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric previously proved she could make fun of herself with an appearance alongside actress Jane Lynch on the television show Glee, yet this time Couric owns all the laughs herself. In a Funny or Die video, Couric goes out in the field to do a report on whether a group of young kids is able to “shake the sillies out” and after she gets a case of the sillies herself, hilarity ensues.

The highlight might be Couric informing the group of cute and wide-eyed kids that in fact one cannot shake the sillies out, telling them they are “living a lie” and asking “is your little childhood world shattering before your eyes?” From there viewers also get to enjoy Couric jumping up and down, giving kids a wet willy, and running away from a “time out” and demanding the teacher come and catch her. And in true nightly news fashion, Couric ends with an intriguing tease, “up next, do you have a rash on your leg? The answer . . . may surprise you.”

Watch the clip from Funny Or Die below:

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