Funny or Die Remade Get Out, But This Time It’s in the White House

Jordan Peele‘s Get Out has been dominating the box office and the cultural conversation for a week and a half. With an almost-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 99% and a message that moved Chance the Rapper to buy all of a Chicago theater’s tickets so community members could see it for free, the comedy-thriller is a piece of social satire that will live on for a long time.

What happens when you satirize the satire, satireception-style? Funny or Die aimed to find out. By incorporating Donald Trump‘s White House, they took the cultural commentary on the current racial climate in America to the next level.

We don’t want to give out too many spoilers in case some of you still haven’t seen the film, but everything about this parody makes sense. With Ivanka Trump as the soft-spoken daughter who swears her dad isn’t a racist and ostensibly has a more progressive viewpoint than her parents, Melania Trump as the clinical, gaslighting maternal figure, and Ben Carson and Omarosa Manigault as the characters who seemingly act against their own self-interests for unknown reasons, this reimagining gets it all right.

Oh, and of course, there’s Kanye West, and you know why.

Watch above.

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