Funny Or Die’s ‘The Vote-Off’ Might Be The Funniest Reality Show Parody Of All Time

Admittedly, as a rule, I don’t like reality television. That being said, I’m pretty sure that everyone from the staunchest reality hater to the most devoted Amazing Race fan will find something to love in The Vote-Off, a new video from Funny or Die. Aside from the quick “Elimination Island” scene in Run Ronnie Run, this might be the funniest reality show parody ever.

The set-up is this, 10 actual LA tourists were brought into the FOD offices to participate in a competition where they vote each other off one by one and…well, that’s pretty much it. Add in the always hilarious Thomas Lennon as the host (did he reuse the tux from his book cover?), a ridiculous cameo midway through, and the reactions of the “contestants” that run the gamut from bewildered to bored, and you have 11 minutes of pure joy.

So, yeah, this really has nothing to do with anything, but it’s hilarious. It’s perfect watching for your lunch break. And, if your lunch break is already over, it’s perfect watching for that 20 minute span after your lunch break when you get back to your desk but can’t force yourself to do anything yet so you just stare at your computer screen and hope no one’s looking at you.


The Vote Off from Thomas Lennon

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