GA Sheriff Shot Realtor in Stomach, Won’t Say Why, Hasn’t Been Arrested or Questioned


Once upon a time, a real estate agent was meeting with a second woman in a model home in Georgia, when a sheriff came upon them and allegedly shot the agent in the stomach. No one has any idea why the sheriff shot the agent in the stomach, because she is currently in critical condition, and the sheriff isn’t saying anything because, apparently, he doesn’t have to. Yet.

Victor Hill, a Clayton County sheriff in his second term, refused to cooperate with police who arrived on the scene last Sunday. According to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution, Hill “refused to cooperate and give any statement” to Gwinnett police, and still hasn’t said anything so far.

By all accounts, the realtor, Gwenevere McCord, worked out of the model home and was likely showing it to a potential client when Hill allegedly shot her. In any case, Hill, who was once accused and acquitted of racketeering, was allowed to leave the scene(?!) and, thanks to Georgia state law, cannot be arrested without a warrant from a Superior Court judge, or fired by anyone except the governor.

And it seems as though Gov. Nathan Deal (R) unfortunately has his hands tied. “I only know what I’ve read in the newspaper and heard on the radio,” he told the Journal-Constitution. “It’s very premature. I do not have the ability to remove anybody — sheriff or otherwise — at least until he’s indicted. He has not been indicted, and whether or not he will be is a question that remains to be seen. If and when that happens, we’ll follow the course and the process that the law allows.”

Perhaps this calls for the revision of a Bob Marley classic: “I got shot by the sheriff / But he says no, he did not shoot me / I got shot by the sheriff / and I don’t know what the hell went wrong.”

UPDATE (May 7th, 2015): According to the AP, Hill has called the shooting a “tragic accident”, but will continue performing his duties as sheriff. In the meantime, the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council has opened an investigation into the shooting, and say that Hill still refuses to cooperate.

Watch a report below via WSBTV:

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