Gallup Poll Shows Post-Convention Approval Bump For Obama

Gallup daily tracking poll results show that Barack Obama — based on the responses of 1,500 adults polled between September 4th and 6th — has a 52 percent approval rating, his highest on Gallup’s tracking poll since Osama bin Laden was found and killed. A poll conducted between September 1st and 3rd showed the President’s approval rating at 45 percent, seven points lower.

On a similar poll focused on voting preference, results showed that Obama has a 3-point lead over Mitt Romney, with 48 percent compared to 45 percent, respectively.

However, as the Huffington Post notes, it’s typical for candidates to experience a “bounce” in approval numbers during conventions:

Most other prominent national pollsters have not been fielding surveys during the course of the two conventions, in part because of the historic tendency of polls to “bounce” up and down as the conventions are underway. Other daily tracking polls — such as the automated telephone surveys conducted by Rasmussen Reports or the new Internet-based survey conducted by Reuters-Ipsos — have not yet picked up a pro-Obama bounce.

You can take a look at the Gallup poll’s results, below, or download it in full at Gallup’s site:

h/t HuffPost, Gallup

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