‘Garfield is Male’: Creator Jim Davis Puts Feline’s Gender Flame War to Rest


Jim Davis, the cartoonist creator of Garfield, recently had to confirm the obvious about the lasagna-loving feline — that he is male — after a war of words over the character’s sex on his Wikipedia page.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported on the controversy, which was started by Virgil Texas. The satirist cited a 2014 quote by Davis: “By virtue of being a cat, really, he’s not really male or female or any particular race or nationality, young or old.” The Post noted Texas’s history of trolling, as they documented his editing of the Wikipedia entry on Garfield.

The edit sparked a furious debate over the fat cat’s sex, with users citing decades-old comic strips (of course, actor Lorenzo Music voiced Garfield in the Garfield and Friends animated TV series, and comedian Bill Murray performed the cat’s voice in two movies). Wikipedia had to lock the page from further edits after the listing for Garfield’s sex changed “20 times over 2½ days (during which his religion was briefly listed as Shiite Muslim for some reason).”

The Post got Davis to comment on the controversy for their article: “Garfield is male. He has a girlfriend, Arlene.” This answer apparently didn’t completely satisfy Texas: “He’s in charge of the canon. I’m just curious how it squares with his prior statement. If I had the opportunity I would interrogate him.”

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