Gary Johnson Bizarrely Sticks His Tongue Out at Reporter Like the Very Serious Candidate He Is

It’s the dream for any third party candidate running for President to make headlines just days before a general election debate.

But recently, the headlines for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson haven’t exactly been the type that he’s been hoping to get.

The one time Republican turned Libertarian party candidate for the White House went instantly viral two weeks ago during an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Johnson, who touts his GOP executive experience in a heavily blue state, asked columnist Mike Barnicle point black, “What is Aleppo?” in reference to the refugee crisis in Syria.

And today’s bizarre turn may not help things much either.

NBC News’s Kasie Hunt interviewed Johnson about pulling even in some of the battleground state polls if he were able to get onto the debate stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Johnson fell short of qualifying for Monday night’s debate in Long Island). “There would be an examination of me and [Vice Presidential candidate] Bill Weld as who we are and what we’ve done,” he said.

He then stuck his tongue out, bit it, and somewhat coherently said (I think): “I’m not gonna stand up there for the whole debate and not say anything and [incomprehensible].”

Watch — and enjoy — the above clip via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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