Gawker Finds That OK! And Star Are Most Lie-Filled Tabloids

Everyone knows that the information contained in the magazines sold near supermarket checkout lines is generally unsubstantiated at best and flat-out false at worse. But which tabloids are the most dishonest?

Taking a page from the playbook of Mediaite’s sister site Gossip Cop, Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor—along with an army of interns—scrutinized almost two years’ worth of issues from five leading tabloids, including Us Weekly, Star, Life & Style, In Touch, and OK!, to find out which mag lied the most. (The nation’s most trusted celebrity magazine, People, was left out of the investigation because, as O’Connor writes, it “publishes so few unconfirmed rumors—and instead relies on scoops that have been spoon-fed by publicists.”)

The result? OK! and Star have the worst records. Less than 10 percent of the stories advertised on both magazines’ covers turn out to be true, and less than 15 percent of each magazines’ overall stories are accurate. US Weekly came out on top in Gawker’s study—but even there, the website found that 65 percent of cover stories and 41 percent of stories overall are lies. Unsurprisingly, O’Connor also found that most of the lies are somehow tied to a five-year-old scandal involving Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

Read the full post (complete with fancy chart) at Gawker.

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