George Orwell’s 1984 Experiences Huge Sales Spike Following NSA Revelations

In the days following dystopian revelations that the National Security Agency secretly obtained millions of American citizens’ phone records and expanded its surveillance reach through a secretive program called PRISM, it seems as though book consumers have become increasingly interested in reading about a fictional dystopia envisioned 64 years ago by George Orwell.

In the past 24 hours, the centennial edition of Orwell’s 1984 has shot up a staggering 3,100% in customer popularity, moving from #6,208 to #194 on the website’s best sellers ranking.

Another edition of 1984, packaged with Orwell’s Animal Farm, shot up 294% in popularity over the last 24 hours, moving from #927 to #235 on the best-sellers list.

Additionally, the mass-market paperback edition of the novel shot up 132% in the past day, moving from #596 to #256.

1984 is considered a classic in the dystopian fiction genre, and widely considered one of the greatest English-language novels of all time. The book tells the story of a society that lives in a state of perpetual warfare, constantly under supervision of government surveillance and mind control. Through 1984, Orwell introduced terms like “Big Brother,” “newspeak,” “thought crimes” and “Thought Police” to the public lexicon.

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