George Pataki Challenges Trump: Let’s Go ‘Mano a Mano’ on Immigration

PicMonkey Collage - Pataki  TrumpIn the wake of Donald Trump‘s repeated defense of his derogatory comments about Mexicans, the majority of his GOP rivals have been putting as much distance between them and Trump as possible, widely agreeing that his statements are hurting the Republican party. George Pataki was the first 2016 contender to publicly condemn Trump’s “stance”, but on Monday, he decided to challenge Trump to a more direct confrontation: a man-to-man immigration debate in New Hampshire.

“Donald Trump has a lot to say about the problems with illegal immigrants, but aside from name-calling Mexicans and hurling insults at me and some of our other opponents, the American people have yet to hear anything resembling a real plan,” Pataki said. “Let’s get past the name-calling and have a real, substantive discussion.”

Trump released his latest defense in a lengthy statement earlier today, blaming the media for distorting his words, the businesses who terminated their partnership with his empire for being “weak” and politically correct, and calling Mexicans “a disease pouring across the border.”

At his Manchester campaign HQ, Pataki discussed what he described as “practical” policy solutions, one of which included a proposal to offer illegal immigrants a path to citizenship under certain criteria.

“Donald, let me tell you right now I am willing to debate you here in New Hampshire, mano a mano, anytime on the issue of immigration and pit your ideas against my solutions,” said Pataki.

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