Germans Think People Will Pay $1,200 a Night for a ‘Tech Detox’

technology-overloadIt’s not unpredictable that Baden-Baden, a town in Germany that has been known for its reputation as a “spa town” since the 1700s, is up on the latest trends in health and wellness. (The word “baden” literally translates to “bathing, the baths.”) But would that centuries-old reputation be a good enough excuse to charge people $1,200 a night to stay in a hotel, unplug their phones, and call it “tech detox?”

That’s exactly what’s happening in Baden-Baden’s Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, home of Villa Stéphanie, where guests are invited to not just turn off their phone, but also flip a switch that will activate copper plates in the walls of the rooms that can block out any kind of electronic signals like wireless internet. It’s a perk in the hotel, which also offers up 19th-century-style amenities, meals, and activities all geared toward creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a time before tech.

It sounds lovely, taking a break from the barrage of messages, information, activity, and general “internet noise” for a while. But I can’t figure out if a $1,200 spa hotel “tech detox” is the most German thing ever, the most hipster thing ever, or just the biggest prank played on delicate rich people.

Maybe leave your phone in the living room instead of bringing it to bed with you? That’s actually super cheap!

[h/t The New York Times]
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