Germany Will Set Up Deportation Centers for Rejected Asylum-Seekers from Algeria, Morocco

germanyGermany is attempting to quickly get rejected asylum-seekers out of the country in a more efficient manner, so they’re setting up what are being described as “expulsion centers.”

According to The Telegraph, there has been a sharp increase in applications for asylum from Morocco and Algeria, but amid growing concerns in Germany over crime and sexual assaults by migrants, top officials have designated both Algeria and Morocco “safe countries of origin” and the asylum applications aren’t being accepted.

The plan is to place these asylum-seekers in these deportation/expulsion centers to get them out of the country faster, and one of the major political parties in Germany (the one Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs to) is completely on board.

Back in November, Merkel announced agreements about speeding up the process, and it was estimated that close to a million refugees came to Germany in the whole of 2015. There has been increased pressure to do something after the aforementioned crime wave. (It’s also estimated that close to 1000 asylum applications are rejected in Germany every day.)

According to the BBC, there was an uptick in asylum-seekers from both North African nations last month, and a majority of the Cologne attack suspects were of Moroccan origin.

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