Giuliani Apparently Dropped a Massive Amount of Cash on Travel, Cigars and Fountain Pens This Year


Rudy Giuliani was in civil court on Wednesday to litigate his divorce from his estranged wife Judith Nathan, and judging reports from multiple journalists…it’s turning into a convoluted affair for the mayor-turned-presidential lawyer.

Nathan brought a contested divorce proceeding against Giuliani several months ago according to the New York Post, and both are demanding to know how much the other is worth and what kind of expenditures they’ve made over the years. Post reporter Julia Marsh says Giuliani wants to put a gag order on the proceedings, but it doesn’t seem to be working since Marsh and other journalists are providing lots of detail about how much money the Giulianis made and how they’ve spent it.

Despite the $9.5 million his ex-wife claims that Giuliani made this year, Giuliani says he doesn’t have the money to pay for the expenses Nathan is seeking from him. When the proceedings moved onto the Giulianis’ domestic conflicts, the judge reportedly had to ask them why not settle things out of court:

And of course, there was the moment when Giuliani was asked whether he’s really not getting paid to provide legal counsel for President Trump.

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