Giuliani: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists

Rudy Giuliani is not only refusing to back down from his comments about President Obama not loving America, but he’s taking it even further. In an interview with The New York Post yesterday, the former mayor claimed that the president’s worldview has been shaped by communists and socialists.

He argues that because Obama was “educated by people who were critics of the US”––among them Frank Marshall Davis, “who was a communist,” socialist Saul Alinsky, and, yes, Reverend Wright––he doesn’t appreciate America the same way most people do.

Giuliani charges Obama never talks about how great or exceptional America is, and declares, “Somebody has to raise these issues with the president. Somebody has to have the courage to stand up.”

When asked about Giuliani’s criticisms yesterday, all White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest could say is that he feels sorry for Giuliani.

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