Give Donald Trump a Heart Transplant In the New Version of Surgeon Simulator

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.49.56 PMOh, you like video games and politics too? Great! In that case, this might be your big chance to experience the ultimate merger of the two.

Gaming developer Bossa Studios released a trailer yesterday featuring the updates and bonuses that will be available for Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition. One of these updates is the Inside Donald Trump expansion, which will allow you to take the presumptive GOP nominee’s life into your hands.

The game has been an online sensation for years, and its many variations task players to become a doctor and perform a transplant. The addictively-frustrating part of the game is that it is extremely difficult to control, and you often do a LOT more harm than good even with a successful surgery.

Even if you’re familiar with the game, veterans will notice that all of the surgical implements are now gold, and you also get new tools like a Trump steak and a bottle of Trump Vodka. Perhaps the most interesting part of the game is that you have a choice of which heart to give Trump: one made of gold, or one made of stone.

Someone call Ben Carson and make sure he plays the game upon release.

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