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Glenn Beck And Radio Crew Tell John McCain ‘You Suck’; Compare Senator To Gollum

Man, John McCain has certainly not done himself any favors with the Conservative media by insulting the Tea Party during the debt ceiling debate. Following responses from Sean Hannity and Christine O’Donnell, Glenn Beck and his co-hosts, Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray, absolutely lit into the former presidential candidate on their radio show this morning.

Riffing off McCain’s “Tea Party Hobbit” line,* Beck compared him to one of The Lord of the Ring‘s less attractive characters, Gollum. He also said McCain has become indistinguishable from Dennis Kucinich and that he’d done a “Vulcan mind meld” or was growing Invasion of the Body Snatchers pods with Lindsey Graham. All in all, this was a shockingly nerdy conversation.

However, perhaps the angriest host was Burguiere, who pointed out that McCain was the guy who lost to a candidate mocking gun fans and the religious…and lost to him in Iowa! Admitting that it wasn’t the most complex analysis, Burguiere summed up his thoughts by telling McCain simply, “You suck.”

*By the way, we all realize that McCain was quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial and didn’t come up with the “Hobbit” insult himself, right? So, as much as I’m appreciating all these nerdy insults directed at him, they’re not entirely appropriate.

Wait, what’s that? He also called the Tea Party’s demands “bizarro?” Oh, well, then carry on.

Watch the clip below:

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