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Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin Are (Mostly) A Big Hit In Alaska

As planned, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck appeared together on stage last night in front of a crowd of 4,000 screaming fans (some screaming less nice things than others, apparently). The line to get in was so long that the show reportedly started 45 minutes late. Here’s my favorite passage from the NYT write-up (titled: ‘A Dream Team Addresses Alaska‘):

“Let me tell you, folks, it’s a brutal, leftist-dominated lamestream media world out there,” Mrs. Palin screamed to a cheering crowd…The people were mostly supportive, though there were discernible pockets of lingering resentment for Mrs. Palin for quitting her job as Alaska’s governor last summer midway though her first term. There were more Beck shirts than Palin shirts – and a scattering of signs and buttons urging a “Palin-Beck” ticket in 2012. One protestor – Richard Zeigler of Anchorage – stood outside holding a “Palin and Beck 2012” sign captioned “Lipstrick and Dipstick.”

Ms. Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2008, spoke briefly, then introduced Mr. Beck, who was fresh from a weeklong vacation in Idaho and still somewhat aglow from his August extravaganza.

Also, in case you were still confused, the message of 8/28 according to Beck is that “You are the leader…Stop looking for leaders. And start looking inside yourself” which as far as I can tell is basically the chalkboard translation of “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Some clips from the night below.

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