Glenn Beck Basically Just Called Al Sharpton a Terrorist

Glenn Beck took a break from his surprising defense of Eric Garner Thursday to spend some time going after Al Sharpton for his rhetoric on the Ferguson case and others. In the space of a few minutes, he had determined that Sharpton is, essentially, a “terrorist.”

“Al Sharpton’s not a reverend, he’s a cleric!” Beck said, accusing the reverend and MSNBC host of spewing “hatred” to the “crazies” in his “Mosque” for his own self-promotion. “Stop calling Al Sharpton a preacher,” he added. “He’s a cleric. He’s a dangerous extremist cleric.”

Later, Beck’s co-host pointed out that Sharpton hasn’t killed anybody “that we know of,” which in his view made him a little bit different from the “radical” Islamists that Beck was describing.

“Really? Al Sharpton’s not killed anybody?” Beck asked in disbelief. “Can we look? Has there been any deaths in any of these marches? How much terror has been done on the streets of Ferguson? How much terror? What do you think this is? These are terrorist organizations! They are terrorizing the people of Ferguson. They are terrorizing the store owners.”

Watch video below, via TheBlaze:

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