Glenn Beck: Both Parties ‘Dumb, Delusional’ or Destroying the Constitution

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.17.04 PMGlenn Beck Thursday warned of progressive “demagoguery” from both parties, telling Fox host Megyn Kelly that our leaders “are either dumb, delusional” or “complicit in the destruction of the Constitution and the way of the west.”

Referring to the “seeds of discontent” planted throughout the United States, Beck insisted a “progressive,” “Communist, or Fascist sort of leader” will offer to “solve your problems for you.”

Beck said he’s “not comparing anybody to Adolf Hitler,” but noted if you look at history, the Nazis rose to power because the people “just wanted someone to solve” the nation’s problems. “You head towards a demagogue, and if it’s not Donald Trump the next guy will be worse than Donald Trump,” Beck warned.

“If you don’t stop and anchor yourself to the Constitution you’re going to have a progressive — either left or right — that will engage in demagoguery and we’ll be in real trouble,” Beck said, later adding “we will round up Muslims.”

“We are in trouble,” Beck continued. “The President of the United States, Congress in both parties, quite honestly they are either dumb, delusional, or they are complicit in the destruction of the Constitution and the way of the west.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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