Glenn Beck: Without ‘Logical Conversation’ We Will Be A ‘Society Of Gas Chambers’


Yesterday, Glenn Beck inspired quite a bit of outrage when he seemed to compare the Norwegian youth camp where dozens of teenagers were killed this past weekend to the “Hitler Youth” because of its political focus. Today, it was clear Beck was not at all happy about the reaction he received, lamenting on his radio show today about the inability our nation has to accept a “logical conversation.”

Beck didn’t address yesterday’s comment directly, instead alluding to it while discussing Erik Larson’s book In the Garden of Beasts about the rise of Adolf Hitler with his co-host Stu Burguiere. Anyone familiar with the controversy, however, will be able to tell what he’s referring to as he ironically stops Burguiere from making a gas chamber reference.

Listen to the full clip below:

Here’s the relevant portion of the conversation:

“BURGUIERE: And the point here, of course, is not to say that they’ve got gas chambers built in Kansas-

BECK: Oh, Jesus, don’t start! Don’t even!

BURGUIERE: What do you mean?

BECK: Don’t! If we’re living in a society where we can’t say ‘X’ in the same paragraph as ‘Y’ and not be told we are comparing it – ‘We are saying they’re building gas chambers!’ – if we are living in that society, we are doomed. We are going to be living in a society of gas chambers. If you can’t have a logical conversation-

BURGUIERE: Of course you can’t. You know that.”

Beck went on to say the country can have a logical conversation but that they would need to get around the mainstream media, squeezing in a plug for GBTV.

I understand Beck’s frustration with having one small piece of what he said taken out of context. It happens to him all the time. However, he should be able to see the problem with what he said yesterday.

Disregarding the simple fact that brazen Nazi comparisons are lame and over the top no matter who makes them, he has to realize that he flippantly insulted the victims of a enormous national tragedy, the worst Norway has suffered in decades.

Beck should be able to see that. Just last year, while the argument over the “Ground Zero Mosque” was raging, Beck did an episode focussing on the many connections it had that he felt were questionable. During it, he attacked Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the project for comments he made after 9/11. Watch this clip from Fox News last August to see Beck take him to task:

The Imam’s comments that Beck and many others found offensive were that he “wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” It wasn’t just the content of this fairly comment that angered people, but the timing. In the above clip, Beck makes special point of mentioning that Rauf said that just days after 9/11. Well here’s Beck just days after the Norway attack implying that the victims seemed kind of like little Nazis.

Many of Beck’s words get twisted and repeated incorrectly. This wasn’t one of those cases. He made a mistake and he should accept that.

To paraphrase one of my least favorite arguments from the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy that I’m pretty sure Beck has used on more than one occasion; Yes, Beck can say these things and have what he views as a logical conversation, but should he?


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