Glenn Beck: Jimmy Fallon’s A ‘Despicable Human Being’ Who ‘Should Be Ashamed’

Glenn Beck was apoplectic upon learning that Questlove and The Roots had played “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” to introduce Michele Bachmann on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and trashed the late night host. “You treat her like that?” Beck erupted. “You want to use her for ratings? You’re a despicable human being!”

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Beck said that Bachmann had talked to him following the show and told the conservative pundit that the show had went “went really well, he was very nice.” He noted that she “obviously didn’t know” her introduction song.

“Inexcusable! Jimmy Fallon, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Beck exploded.

Co-host Stu Burguiere observed that Questlove had tweeted out about the song before Bachmann’s interview.

“If you do that to my guest, you tweet, I fire you,” Beck exclaimed. “You do that to Michele Bachmann or Michelle Obama, I fire you. You don’t set people up like this. They’re two-faced liars.”

“Fire them, Jimmy,” Beck demanded. “You won’t, you know why? Because you’re a girl. You’re only playing little girl games. You don’t violate basic human decency….it’s fine to make jokes, but you don’t treat people like that.”

Listen to Beck blow up at Jimmy Fallon on his show, below via his radio show:

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