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Glenn Beck: “Mediaite Is Growing To Be One Of My Favorite Sites”

Time for a little self-promotion.

Glenn Beck, who is a frequent topic of discussion here at Mediaite in both positive and negative ways (and everything in between), has been mentioning us on the radio recently. Here’s what he’s had to say.

Today he brought up the post Glynnis wrote last night about his Joe Klein smackdown, part 2, saying, “Mediaite is growing to be one of my favorite sites on being able to find out what’s happening in the press,” and, “They simultaneously love and hate me. At least they try to be fair.”

And last week, Beck had this to say:

There are times they take me down hard. They don’t like me at all. They have taken me down hard. But there are other times that they defend. And it’s not because they’re fans or not fans, it’s because that’s the way they see it, and they’re not just ideologues.

Thanks for reading, Glenn!

Check it out:

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