Glenn Beck On Bachmann’s ‘Sad & Tragic’ Departure From Congress: She Has ‘Weathered’ So Much

With the tributes to departing Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) pouring in today, it only makes sense that Glenn Beck would weigh in with his own. On his radio show this morning, Beck called Bachmann’s decision to step aside “sad and tragic,” but he was thankful that she was leaving the “Chernobyl” that is Washington, D.C. with her “honor and integrity” intact.

“Here is a woman who has weathered much,” Beck said of Bachmann, “really gone the extra mile.” Perhaps referring to the ongoing scandal regarding the congresswoman’s use of taxpayer funds during her 2012 presidential campaign, Beck said, “they’ve accused her of everything, they’ve never come up with anything that has has ever stuck to her.” Of course, just today a trial date was set in the Iowa lawsuit against her.

Beck elaborated on private conversations he’s had with Bachmann, in which she said of Washington, “People don’t leave here better people.” He added, “It’s Chernobyl. You’re just eventually eaten by the radiation that is Washington, D.C. power politics.”

“She is leaving with honor and integrity, I believe,” Beck concluded.

Watch video below, via Glenn Beck:

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