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Glenn Beck Puts Ted Nugent on the Spot for His ‘Name-Calling’

Glenn Beck is a big fan of Ted Nugent‘s and believes him to honestly be “in the category of a Founding Father” because of his honesty and charity. However, he had to ask Nugent why he engages in name-calling so much, asking “You are so well-spoken and so well-read, do you ever think that calling people names hurts the argument?”

Nugent agreed, but said that a lot of the time he’s caught on camera in a big emotional moment because he’s just seen or learned about the suffering of others. And he is so passionate about this, “sometimes my Detroit street slang surfaces in the intensity of the moment.” He also said if profanity’s good enough for the first responders who saw the horrors of 9/11, then it’s good enough for him to go after the “abusive power” of the government.

Nugent rather infamously called President Obama a “chimpanzee and a subhuman mongrel” earlier this year, comments that resulted in a week-long Republican shaming on CNN and a few Republicans denouncing the Motor City Madman’s words.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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