Glenn Beck Ravages CNN’s Acosta Over Border Wall Video: ‘What a Complete and Utter Dope’

Glenn Beck was far from impressed by Jim Acosta and his assessment that there’s no emergency situation whatsoever on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Political observers — particularly on the right — are hammering Acosta over a video of himself he posted on Thursday as he stood in front of a bunch of steel slats and said there’s no illegal immigration crisis to be seen in McAllen, TX. While Acosta was trying to argue that the Trump Administration is exaggerating America’s illegal immigration issues and diminishing the security arrangements already in place, the CNN White House correspondent is getting pummeled by those saying he proved the White House’s point about barricades being effective.

When Beck and his colleagues reviewed the video, he immediately joined the chorus of critics by calling Acosta “crazy” and asking “is this the worst reporting ever?” The conservative commentator continued by repeatedly mocking Acosta and listing a plethora of errors in the argument he tried to make.

“What a complete and utter dope,” Beck said. “And everyone at CNN, shame on you!”

Watch above, via The Blaze.

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