Glenn Beck’s Beatles Karaoke Moment

Picture 1Glenn Beck returned to the air waves this week seemingly determined to prove he is still his own nutjob man. After rumors swirled last week that he’d been forced to take a vacation in the wake of departing advertisers who apparently do not want to be associated with a man who accused the President of being a racist, Glenn Beck has reemerged even more determinedly unhinged than when he left. This week’s shows were devoted to some “special episodes” wherein Beck exposed secret government codes and yesterday appeared to be writing his own constitution: Beck is such an excellent entertainer I sometimes lose track of what he is talking about. If you happened to miss it, last night’s show was particular unhinged, the highlight of the hour, though, had to be Beck’s rendition of John Lennon’s “Revolution.” “Even the Beatles understood!” Words fail, but the spectacle begins around the 8:50 mark.

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