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Glenn Beck Slams Scott Brown, Blames Dick Cheney For Bad Economy

This is going to be interesting. Which Glenn Beck is going to show up to deliver the key note address tomorrow at CPAC. No one seems to know, including Glenn Beck. Will it be the Glenn Beck who rails against Van Jones, secret Obama administration Maoists, and defends Tea Partiers against unwarranted claims of violence? Or will it be the Glenn Beck that that has spent the last two days seemingly distancing himself from both the Tea Parties and the Conservative movement as a whole.

It’s certainly going to make for an interesting address if it’s the latter! Want to get a sense of what I mean? Check out the opener to today’s show. In the first five minutes Beck smacks down (“honorable Darth Vader”) Dick Cheney:

Yeah it’s going to be a good year for conservative politicians, but it’s taken an awful, awful period in our country to be able to get to it, and it’s not going to be a good year, maybe even a good five years for our country. And it’s not because of Barack Obama or the Democrats, it’s been part of his fault too. I mean, his party as well. We have been electing these so-called “conservatives” in the past and has it really helped us?

Um, wow? It doesn’t stop there. Beck quickly turns around and aims his sites on Scott Brown (“pardon me if I don’t get a thrill up my leg!”). No kidding. Now imagine a large roomful of cheering conservatives with signs. One can dream. Video below. (ps: Beck thought Tiger Woods was “sincere” today.)

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