Glenn Beck: Trump Made a ‘Critical Error’ Insulting Cruz

Glenn Beck (1)Conservative commentator Glenn Beck Tuesday said Donald Trump made a “critical error” in calling Republican rival Ted Cruz a “maniac.”

“Donald Trump stepped over the line, I think, even for his supporters,” the radio host said today clarifying that he’s not referring to Trump’s “rabid supporters,” but “the reasonable ones.”

“A lot of people are angry, and rightly so,” Beck said. “And they want somebody to step up and say ‘this is the way it’s going to be’ and they want somebody who’s an outsider.”

“Donald Trump has made a critical error,” Beck opined, noting that 97 percent of Republicans say they “could vote for” Cruz.

“That shows that people generally trust and like him,” Beck added.

Beck suggested Cruz could “seal the deal” during Tuesday’s debate, noting if the candidate refuses to attack Trump back, “he is going to move the needle dramatically toward him.”

“And he has the perfect opportunity to do it while being kind to Donald Trump,” Beck added.

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[h/t the Blaze]

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