Glenn Beck: WDBJ Shooting Is God’s ‘Last Chance’ Before the End Times

glenn beck wdbj shooting end timesGlenn Beck thinks the horrific shooting death of a WDBJ reporter and cameraman on live television Wednesday morning is a sign of the end times.

Reacting to the news that Alison Parker and Adam Ward had been gunned down during a live television broadcast in Roanoke, Virginia, Beck opined, “I think that God is giving me one final warning.”

“He’s telling us, ‘You got one more chance. This is it!'” Beck exclaimed during the segment.

In an ensuing sermon, for which Beck preemptively apologized (“I apologize to anybody that doesn’t want to hear it” or “doesn’t understand it”), he equated the shooting with a sign of the end times.

“I’m telling you, as we watch things like a shooting on television and a shooting in the street, this is the beginning of sorrows. This is the beginning.”

Check out the clip via Right Wing Watch:

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