Glenn Beck Wonders If Chris Matthews Slurs His Words Because He Has A Drinking Problem?

Glenn Beck and his radio crew couldn’t stop laughing today when they played back clips of Chris Matthews talking on Hardball and using words that were only barely recognizable. Matthews kept slurring his words, saying “Prez Obama” instead of “President Obama,” “Hardbo” instead of “Hardball” and “debt seeing” instead of “debt ceiling,” which prompted Beck to worry “I don’t think alcoholism is funny.”

Beck’s sidekick Pat asked about Matthews, “does he have a drinking problem?” Beck responded, “I don’t know, but it does sound like it.” Yet Beck’s producer Stu was impressed how Matthews was “jamming forty words in three seconds” and recommended he should be cutting budgets since he’s already so skilled at chopping syllables out of words.

This “Matthews phenomenon” kept them all entertained for a lengthy period of joking as they kept stopping the sound clips to ask each other what Matthews was even trying to say. Stu concluded though, “if it’s alcoholism, it’s got to be vodka Red Bull because he is speaking three times the normal human rate!”

Watch the clip from The Glenn Beck Program below:

(h/t MoFo Politics)

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