Glenn Beck’s Hard-Hitting Question for Cruz: ‘How’s Your Soul Doing?’

Glenn Beck hosted Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for a nearly 20 minute long interview that mostly focused on what both men view as President Barack Obama’s “abuses of power.” But at one point, Beck broke in to ask Cruz a personal question.

“I didn’t plan on asking you this, but it’s been a while since I asked you this,” Beck began. “I’d just like to know as your friend and as a supporter, how’s your soul doing, how are you holding up?”

“My soul is at peace,” Cruz said after a heavy sigh. “I’m doing great, Glenn. There is not a day that I don’t jump out of bed.” He went on to discuss how “our nation is in jeopardy” and people are “scared for the future of this country.”

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“That threat is real and so I jump out of bed every day excited and thrilled to have a chance, hopefully, to stand up and fight to do something about it,” Cruz continued. “To stand up and play some role helping mobilize the American people to pull this country back from the brink.”

Listen to audio below, via TheBlaze:

[h/t Washington Examiner]
[photo via screengrab]

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