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Glenn Greenwald: NY Times Has ‘Helped to Kill’ ‘Adversarial Journalism’

Glenn Greenwald is leaving The Guardian for a new media venture. Greenwald spoke about the shift on Democracy Now! Monday, and called out The New York Times in particular for dropping the ball on “adversarial journalism.”

He told Amy Goodman this new venture, backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, is going to “enable” and “empower” the kind of journalsim that’s “about holding the most powerful factions accountable, fearlessly and without regard for threats or repercussions from the government.”

Holmes brought up the exchange between Greenwald and Bill Keller in The New York Times, and Greenwald explained that it helped to highlight the kind of journalism papers like the Times value and the journalism that people like he and Jeremy Scahill advocate.

“I think it really reflects two very competing and different but strong frames in how journalism is understood: the kind of traditional New York Times model that I think has neutered and, in a lot of ways, helped to kill journalism as a potent force for checking power, and the kind of journalism that I think we intend to do, where it is much more passionate and spirited and intended to be overtly adversarial to those in power.”

He argued that there’s been some “really bad journalism” at the Times that’s been a “byproduct of this sort of obsolete way of thinking.”

Watch the video below, via Democracy Now!:

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