GMA Meteorologist Shuts Down Critic Who Called Her a ‘Weather Girl’

Do not call Good Morning America‘s Ginger Zee a weather girl. She’s a meteorologist and that’s a distinction she’s not afraid to educate viewers about.

On Friday, Zee posted a response on her Facebook to a viewer who made a barely intelligible comment about Zee’s looks. “U are the most ugly weather girl seen on tv don.t smile so much ur ugly,” read the comment.

Zee put up a screen shot of that comment and set her record straight: “I love people. Call me ugly all you want– but don’t disrespect me by calling me that other nasty term! I studied too hard & chased too many storms to be called that.”

The “other nasty term” Zee referred to was “weather girl.” She is a meteorologist.

“Please get it right,” she wrote back to the commenter. “In (sic) the ugliest METEOROLOGIST you’ve seen. Happy Friday!”

Zee’s post on the matter has over 13,000 “likes.”

h/t The Vane

[Image via Facebook/Ginger Zee]

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