‘Good Riddance’: The New York Post Taunts Gawker Right on the Cover

The New York Post‘s cover tomorrow makes it pretty clear the tabloid is incredibly giddy about Hulk Hogan bankrupting Gawker:


A former New York Post editor made it clear in an email today he doesn’t care for the “pig fuckers” over there.

And then there’s this:

The post above, written by Michelle Malkin, trashes the “bottom-feeders” at Gawker and went through a list of other issues with Gawker, even making it personal at one point:

In my case, 10 years ago in 2006, Gawker and its sister publication Wonkette knowingly published a fake photo of me purporting to show me partying it up in a bikini during a college spring break under the headlines “Michelle Malkin gone wild” and “Michelle Malkin, you ignorant slut.”

She concludes, “Guess who gets the last laugh now? L-O-gawkin’ L.”

[image via The New York Post]

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