Google’s Annual April Fools Pranks Are Kind Of Cute This Year

Every April Fools’ Day, Google delights (or moderately annoys, we guess, depending on your sense of humor) users with little pranks – more like Easter eggs, really – neatly hidden around the web.

And this year is no different!

We’ve noticed a few so far that we’ve really enjoyed:

  • Typing “Helvetica” into Google search brings up results in everyone’s spam-forwarding aunt’s favorite font – a cheeky move font snobs will really enjoy. Or profoundly hate.
  • Looking for a new job? (We can help you with that, by the way.) Well, Google is searching for autocompleters to join their team:

  • Google Earth has introduced a variety of new animals today – including one very famous lake-dweller in Scotland. (This is, of course, not to be confused with earlier Nessie “sightings” by Google Earth users.) Keep an eye out for dragons, a flying saucer, and a tightrope-walking elephant.
  • Then there’s Google Motion – a system through which people can open, reply to and send mail without using pesky keyboards or a mouse. Laugh now, but we can see certain elements of this being applied to future online communication, Minority Report-style
  • Have you stumbled upon any others?

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