GOP Candidate Changes Name to ‘Colonel’ Because Ballot Won’t Allow Military Titles

Getting your name on an election ballot isn’t a license to describe yourself however you want, otherwise you’d have a lot of former Galactic Presidents running in local elections. One of the rules on Arkansas ballots, for instance, is that military titles aren’t allowed. And so when Conrad Reynolds, a retired Army colonel, planned to run for a congressional seat, he couldn’t place his title on the ballot. And what ended up happening was he decided to go with a simple solution: legally changing his name to Colonel.

Reynolds said he’d been meaning to change his name for a while and it’s not necessarily all about his congressional bid. He explained, “There are a bunch of people who know me as Colonel. They don’t know me as Conrad.” In Arkansas, you can only use a title in your name on the ballot if it’s a position you were elected to in the state already.

And on top of that, titles like “Colonel” can’t be used as nicknames on ballots, so now that Reynolds has legally changed his name, he will be identified on ballots for the congressional race as “Colonel Conrad Earl Reynolds.”

[h/t CNN Political Ticker]
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