GOP Candidate Releases Funktastic Campaign Ad About How Pro-Life He Is

Say what you will about the interminable GOP primary battle for Texas Lieutenant Governor between incumbent David Dewhurst and conservative radio host turned State Senator Dan Patrick, it has produced some bizarrely creative political ads.

Joining the fake Oscar award to Dewhurst for best impersonation of a conservative and Dewhurst’s “Let it Go” parody razzing Patrick’s past, today’s Daft Punk-esque ad, “David Dewhurst: Lt. Gov. You’ve Gotta Love,” was released as Texans go to the polls in a primary runoff.

Points for misdirection: the video starts off with a long, languid draw on a slide guitar, and you think, “Just another Texas commercial. Prolly gonna be about trucks.” Then the disco beat and funk riffs kick in, and you think, “Oh, David Dewhust.” The lyrics include “the most pro-life candidate” and something inaudible about Obama nation.

Rumors that the decadent disco lifestyle would be demagogued by Dewhurst in any other setting went unconfirmed at press time.

Watch the clip below, via Team Dewhurst:

[h/t BuzzFeed]

[Image via screengrab]

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